HELLO to everyone!

April 17th, 2011

HELLO to everyone who is going to take a look at this blog!
WELCOME to all of you who have what to share!

We are starting this blog together with you, with the sole desire to share the most interesting and the most practical topics related to health and inspiration.
There are many blogs and forums dedicated to health, but here for the first time we are trying to discuss the health in all its varieties – physical, spiritual, energetic, emotional and social …
All these layers of health are equally important and each and every one of them requires a different attunement and approach and … that’s one decent challenge, don’t you think so?
Here is the place not only for doctors and healers to share their thoughts and ideas, but for us, the common people as well. For all of us who are interested in the topics related to health and inspiration.

Why did I mention The Inspiration?
For the ancient Atlantes the inspiration was the highest condition of health. If a person lost his/her inspiration, he/she also had begun to lose the other layers of his/her health.
That is why we from Amoreyo want to contribute for the preservation of every person’s inherent inspiration.

The logo of this blog is not random as well. This is the wand of Hermes – the god of wisdom and inspiration in ancient Greece. That symbol is actually known long before Hermes took it in his hand and it represents the harmony in all its forms and shapes.
The harmony between the Man and the Universe.
The inspiration – that is the key to eternal harmony.
The harmony is the path to happiness.
That was what our ancestors believed.
This blog will be the place where everyone who finds an interesting key to harmonic health could share it.
The most interesting of these ideas will be presented in our unique TV channel – AMOREYO TV!
A brand new television for love music & inspiration.
The love music creates the perfect surroundings where such knowledge could be presented and it touches immediately our hearts and souls, burst into blossom there and open them for the messages the universe has to offer.
We are inviting you with our hearts and minds open wide, to search and to share all those things that can make us more balanced and healthier in every possible shades and meanings of the word HEALTH.

From the team of AMOREYO HEALTH.